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my name's violet, my pronouns are she/her. i am this many years old *holds up my hands and there are 25 fingers somehow* i make multimedia art. i like personal games, zines, and creative reuse. a lot of the stuff i make talks about my experiences being mentally ill. i was a freeform radio dj for a little over 4 years and spent that time listening to a lot of wonderwall covers and remixes. i studied multidisciplinary design in college. i've moved around a bit but am mostly from california. i'm currently located in socal. in high school i carried around a cheap little briefcase instead of backpack for a while and unfortunately i think it shows. i have made and then abandoned or deleted so many little blogs and things over the years. there is a blogspot graveyard littered with my internet detritus. do you think this will end up like that?